Angelo Fulgini back in the North

Angelo Fulgini’s talent quickly brought him to the fore. The last Lensoise transfer window recruit arrived in Angers in the summer of 2017 after 10 years already spent in Valenciennes and a good reputation. In the North, where he therefore signs his return with the Blood and Gold, the nugget had become a major element of Faruk Hadzibegic’s VAFC, adapting to changes in position with impressive ease. What makes him a coveted player…

Because this son of a soldier showed great precocity there: Bernard Casoni went to get him in U19 in 2015 to make him play midfield or right side. ” He sees everything very quickly and smells like football “, confided David Le Frapper, another coach frequented at VAFC, as if to justify his presence on the defensive line. Then for his first with the pros, the neophyte had signed from the 3e minute of play the only goal of the match against Niort in Ligue 2 (0-1), during his only association with Lucas Tousart leaving for OL.

A historic hat-trick in Ligue 2 BKT

After a semi-final at Euro U19 the same year with Les Bleuets, the native of Abidjan, of an Italian father and a New Caledonian mother, distinguished himself with a hat-trick as express as it was historic in Ligue 2 BKT, signed in the space of 5 minutes! At Valenciennes, he also benefited from the experience of Sébastien Roudet in n°10. ” I learn every day: the placement, the reading of the game… When it is necessary to advise, to speak, he does it “, declared Angelo Fulgini on the club’s website in 2016. Once at the SCO, the nugget only needed 11 minutes to unlock his counter in Ligue 1 Uber Eats, in August 2017 against Bordeaux (2-2).

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In contact with Stéphane Moulin, Fulgini follows in the footsteps of the nugget Jeff Reine-Adélaïde, his accomplice a year and a half younger than he led to SCO training in 2018. We knew that Jeff preferred to evolve in the middle but he worked on the right. It made him progress defensively, physically. And it’s the same for me. It taught me to repeat efforts and today it’s easier to do it in the middle, because I got used to it. And then I also improved a lot tactically. »

A targeted threat to the SCO

Repositioned in n°10 at the SCO, Angelo Fulgini gets closer to the opposing goal and signs two more prolific seasons with 12 goals and 7 assists between 2020 and 2022.

At the same time, he becomes the target of opposing defenders. In 2020/21, the ex-Angevin is by far the player who causes the greatest number of faults in the French championship, with fifty more than his runner-up (Y.Wissa). The following season, his last in Maine, Fulgini finished in 2e place in the same ranking, accumulating 222 faults caused in two seasons!

« It’s part of my game. I take risks. The opponents have seen that during the recovery the others try to find me directly to launch the counter-attacks so they try to cut them off as quickly as possible. It’s mostly tactical mistakes. Let me be careful! I don’t have a weekend where I come home without having pain somewhere. “, he evoked at the time.

After six months in the Bundesliga, will Angelo Fulgini (26) still be watched by his opponents now that he has signed his return to RC Lens?

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