Angela de Jong plays again at Wendy van Dijk

It has been clear for some time that Angela is not a fan of Wendy. In her annual review for the AD takes the TV critic to the presenter again. “Yes, Wendy switched because John de Mol would push her” platform “to great heights. No dude, TV stars make a lucrative switch to the competitor for money,” she writes cynically. “Nowadays the development or expansion of our own online platform is the reason. That sentence was neatly printed in many a transfer message last year.”

Angela doesn’t leave it at that. “Such a statement is just as credible as Gordon, who once again shouts from the rooftops that he has really found his great love”, which shows that the critic does not like the singer either. Angela also finishes others in the annual overview, as she has often done in her weekly TV column last year.

It is not the only thing that Wendy has been involved in recently. Also with Chantal Janzen it didn’t bother for a while, as can be seen in the video below.

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