Andrzej Kozioł is dead. He was the vocalist of the band VOX

The information about the musician’s death was confirmed, among others, by manager, Bogdan Zep. The goat died after a long battle with the disease. He was 73 years old.

Team career VOX began in 1977. The group was composed of: Andrzej Kozioł, Ryszard Rynkowski, Witold Paszt i Jerzy Słota. They became known to a wider audience two years later during the International Stage Spring in Poznań. They then presented the song “Two Lives, Two Heaven”.

In 1980 at the Intervision Festival in Sopot, where he won the 1st Record Day Award and the Audience Award. The quartet also performed outside Poland, incl. East Germany, West Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, the USSR, as well as Cuba, the USA, Canada and Australia.

Among the most popular hits of the VOX band, there are songs such as: “Banana Song”, “Roar baby, roar” if “Have a good time, it’s time”.

Andrzej Kozioł performed in the group until 1996, and after leaving the band, he did not continue his musical career.


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