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Android and iOS at risk? Another giant wants its own operating system

The world of smartphone operating systems is a business segment in which only a handful of the strongest survive globally. And the word handful is still quite optimistic, because in the long run it is really just about two environments – Android a iOS. The new HarmonyOS from Huawei is also coming to the fore, but the list of massively expanded systems is really coming to an end. However, what over time global giants such as Nokia, Samsung and Microsoft have given up, wants to try another giant. Are you thinking about the names of other companies? You don’t have to. He is interested in that Indie.

The state, almost one and a half billion, is preparing for this step through its government and the Ministry of Economy and IT. Objectives dthe world’s most populous country however, they are not small at all, as they are said to be the target to compete with Android and iOS. According to local reports, the country’s management is already establishing contacts with startups and academic institutions that would like to participate in the development. Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar let it be heard that “for the next operating system is still the place“.

Do you think India has a chance to succeed more significantly?

Source: GSMA

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