“Andrea Damante and Giulia De Lellis broke up again”: the surprise indiscretion

Some loves return and … finish. After Belen Rodriguez e Stefano De Martino, also Giulia De Lellis e Andrea Damante they may have split up again. In the last hours there are rumors of a break after the chattered reconciliation that took place in full lockdown. To launch the indiscretion was first Deianira Marzano, who would have gathered the confidence of a person close to the couple. The influencer added that the separation is not yet official.

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It could be a little skirmish for lovers, since both have very strong characters, but the silence on social networks has made gossip lovers suspicious. Until a few days ago the influencer and the Veronese DJ published on social photos that portrayed them together and happy, while for a while in the stories there is only room for mutual professional commitments.

Giulia is currently close to the family, while Damante flew to Sardinia, where yesterday he spent an evening in the Just Cavalli club in Porto Cervo. Denials or confirmations have not yet arrived from those directly concerned. Fans of “Damellis” hope that the couple will not follow in the footsteps of Belen and Stefano, undisputed protagonists of the gossip of the summer 2020.

Yet the moment is not the easiest. Giulia announced a nose and throat problem days ago. “I’ve been cagat * all day, but it could have been worse. I will get by with an operation on my nose, and I still don’t know how many sessions by the speech therapist and various treatments I will have to do then. Throat check was very annoying. Unfortunately, it will not be easy to heal, but I am very serene. We say that there are always those who are worse off, so that’s okay », he had told the followers.

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Last updated: Saturday 1 August 2020, 21:01


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