André and Sarah are done with gossip: ‘Is really going too far’

The reason for this is a text on Yvonne Coldeweijer’s Instagram Stories. She claimed on Monday afternoon that Sarah would have traveled to a rehab clinic, sharing some photos of her at Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Only this news turns out not much later to be completely untrue. The management of André informs RTL Boulevard the following.

“Sarah spends a few days at a location in Spain where she receives professional help to deal with media attention. She has grown from a normal regional girl to a well-known Dutch person with 200,000 followers on Instagram. As a result, people like Yvonne Coldeweijer , suddenly an opinion about her. You can’t do anything about it, but it still gnaws at you. Yvonne has such an obsession for Sarah and wants to destroy her. Sarah has not chosen that and that is why she is currently talking to people about how she can deal with.”

Incidentally, André and Sarah themselves also bite the bullet on social media. For example, the singer thinks that Yvonne has gone too far with her message. ‘You should know for yourself that you’re dealing with me. but what you are doing now is really not possible. That girl has been clean for 1.5 years and that has been a very difficult time for her.’

He continues: ‘If you were to look into addicts and people who worked on them, you might know that you really can’t just spread gossip about it. You really go too far with this.’ André finally let us know that Yvonne is too obsessed with the couple and hopes that he will take the message off and ‘just use your common sense once in your life’.

Sarah, in turn, calls the behavior bullying: ‘Now the jokes are done for me. This has nothing to do with gossip anymore, this is just what I call it, bullying!’

Sarah then holds up a mirror to the influencer: ‘But what do you think this does to people? What was bullying like for you in elementary school? I wonder. People be positive! […] This has to stop!’

RTL Boulevard recently spoke with the lovebirds about how in love they are. Watch the entire interview below:


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