Andika Kangen Band Somasi Tri Suaka and Zinidin Zidan, Lawyers: Their Gestures Harassed

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Andika Kangen Band angry when one of his songs was insulted and harassed by the singer Tri Asylum and Zinidin Zidane.

Tri Sanctuary and Zinidin Zidane even reaping blasphemy from netizens after singing Kangen Band’s song Andika Kangen Band that.

What did they do to reap the blasphemy?

Tri Sanctuary and Zinidin Zidane as if deliberately imitating singing style Andika Kangen Band when singing the song Cheating and Waiting for the Delay.

The two songs are creations of Andika Kangen Band which was popularized by Kangen Band.

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While playing the guitar, Tri Asylum singing while imitating voices and facial expressions Andika Kangen Band.

At the same time, Zinidin Zidane who sits in the back Tri Asylum This looks laugh and occasionally covers his mouth with his palm.

The video was uploaded on the Family Asylum YouTube channel in mid-December 2021 and has gone viral again.

Seeing that scornful singing style, Andika Kangen Band then send a subpoena (warning) to Tri Asylum and Zinidin Zidane.

Summons sent Andika Kangen Band through his lawyer.

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