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Anders Lindbäck on the absence: “Made me feel bad”

After Anders Lindbäck, 34, had to step off Thursday’s match, it has been quiet about the goalkeeper’s status.

Now he comes with information regarding the return.

– I hope to be back at the end of the week, says Lindbäck.

During Brynä’s match against Oskarshamn last Thursday, goalkeeper Anders Lindbäck was replaced. Since then, the 34-year-old has not trained, and he missed Saturday’s match against Leksand.

No update regarding Anders Lindbäck has been communicated, neither from Brynäs nor the player himself.

Until today.

In the meantime, there has been wild speculation, everything from Lindbäck being injured to the fact that he is upset and doesn’t want to play anymore because Brynäs signed Jussi Olkinuora.

– The latter hurts to hear and I feel less. Now I have to stand here and tell you how it is, but a few days have passed unnecessarily. I myself have not read what was written, but heard from people and acquaintances that it has been a rumor. That’s why it’s nice for me to be able to stand and say that it really isn’t. I would never leave like that and I have been one hundred percent complicit and agree with everything that happened. I only want the best for Brynäs and want to do as good a job as possible.

It was after Oskarshamn’s 3-0 goal last Thursday that Lindbäck was replaced and went straight to the dressing room.

– I hurt myself in the match in a sequence there. There is nothing more to it. In hindsight, I would have left immediately when it happened, but your brain doesn’t always work that way. Brynäs has probably tried to protect me a little and not say much. It has been a bit day to day, says Lindbäck to Sportbladet.

Denies rumors of refusal to play

It has been speculated that you have read the situation and do not want to play for Brynäs anymore. What can you say about the talk that has been?

– It’s completely false, I would never go and learn. I hurt myself and quit because of it. I have full confidence in our coaches and my teammates. There are many people who are trying very hard and doing their best to fix this situation. So what can I say, these are detached things that I don’t know how they came to be.

Brynäs brought in an established goalkeeper in Olkinuora. It is speculated that you didn’t think it was a good idea for him to come here.

– Yes, that is also completely wrong. After all, I was the one who came home, and wanted as good a goalkeeper partner as possible. Partly to spur. I’m here to win games with Brynäs, and if I play or help from the side, it doesn’t matter to me. I want as good a team as possible, I’ve said that all along.

– Were you involved in any way when Olkinuora was recruited?

– No, no more than that they came and told me that this would happen and I told Johan (Alcén) when he called: If that’s what you think is best for Brynäs, just drive. I am completely on board with what you are doing as long as it is for Brynäs’ good.

You have no problem with you two being such established goalkeepers?

– No, Jussi is a great guy and goalkeeper. We have gotten along very well during the short time he has been here. He’s going to be great the more he gets into it.

However, the collaboration with the former goalkeeper Veini Vehviläinen did not work as well.

– That’s where it went wrong. Vehviläinen did not understand how it was and wanted to leave. It was the weirdest thing this year, because we both hated the premise and knew we could pull each other through a long season, but it wasn’t like that for him.

Aiming to play by Thursday

The injury stopped Lindbäck from playing the match last Saturday. The goalkeeper also announces that he will miss tomorrow’s meeting with Skellefteå.

But Lindbäck hopes to be back at the end of the week.

– It has felt good now for the last few days, so it will probably work again soon. I’m aiming for Thursday or Saturday.

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