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Ancient Ichthyosaurus Species Discovery Unravels Mysteries of Ancient Ocean Dwellers

Spesies Ichthyosaurus. PHOTO/ IFL

LONDON – Discovery of bone fragments giant fossil the equivalent of the blue whale brings new mysteries about ancient ocean dwellers.

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Scientists in Germany suspect that the fragment came from an ichthyosaur, a giant air-breathing marine reptile.

As reported by Science Alert, Ichthyosaurs, which lived more than 100 million years ago, resembled dolphins and varied in size from a few meters to 20 meters.

Their fossils were first discovered in Bristol in 1850, but their incomplete and fragmentary fragments made it difficult for scientists to identify them.

The differences in microstructure in fossilized jaw bone tissue are the key determinant for Marcello Perillo and Martin Sander, paleontologists from the University of Bonn, Germany. Using a special microscope, they managed to distinguish the fragments from other predators such as ancient crocodiles or land dinosaurs.

Although these findings provide significant clues, there is still debate regarding the origin of these fragments.

Some experts think the fragments come from an unknown species of ichthyosaur, while others are considering other possibilities.

Further research is needed to reveal the complete identity of this ancient creature and its position in the evolutionary chain.

This discovery opens up new opportunities for understanding biodiversity in ancient oceans and the evolution of life on Earth.


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