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Ancelotti triumph, Real Madrid wins the Club World Cup. Relive the live stream

RABAT – The final of the Club World Cup was full of goals: the winner of the trophy was the Real Madrid of Charles Ancelotti who beats the Saudis ofAl Hilal with the score 5-3. In the first fraction he unlocks Viniciusfirst strike from Madrid’s one-two completed by Valverde at 18′. But immediately (26′) Winter shortens the gap: at halftime it’s 2-1. In the second half, new one-two of the blancos with Benzema e Valverdeand new Saudi replica with Observance, 4-2. In the finale, first the hand of Viniciusthen the third Saudi goal, last of the day, with Observance. Real raises the cup: it is the fifth club World Cup that goes to the blancos on the bulletin board.


It ends here: Real wins the Club World Cup

Here comes the triple whistle from the referee Taylor: il Real Madrid beat Al Hilal 5-3 to win the Club World Cup trophy for the fifth time in its history.


Allocate 7′ of recovery

There are 7 minutes of recovery allowed by the referee Taylor.


Attempts on both fronts

If for the Al Hilal give it a try Al Dawsari to draw the joker from the free kick, on the other side Rodrygo misses with the right from a few steps away.


Al Hilal double change

Inside Al Hamdan e Ighaloout Observance e Winter.


Asencio and Rudiger try

Camavinga serve Asencioconclusion of the second neutralized by Al Mayouf. Al 39′ Rudiger tries the header, in the 41st minute he tries again Asensio.


Marega spoils everything!

Al Hilal close to 5-4 and to reopen it definitively: Michael and Vietto talk well, ball for Marega whose finish, to be forgotten, makes a very tempting opportunity fade away.


Vietto strikes again: 5-3

The game is not over, the game is not surrenderedAl Hilal: al 34′ Observance signs the personal double first by receiving from the new entrant Michaelthen passing the mark with a veronica and finally beating The moon outgoing, 5-3. Ancelotti removes carvajal and array Vallejo.


Rodrygo’s right foot saved

Shot from outside the box by Rodrygofairly central trajectory controlled without fears of mind from Al Mayouf. The latter is repeated a minute later on Valverde.


Two changes per side.

Ancelotti call back to the bench Kross e Modric and throw into the fray Nacho e Asensio. Replica Diaz from the benchAl Hilal one minute later (30′): Nasser e Michael they take the place of Carrillo e Al Dawsari.


Vinicius tries again

He took a liking to it Vinicius who immediately after the goal tries again: neutralizes Al Mayouf which stretches for a corner.


Manita of Vinicius: 5-2

Il Realto get too close from theAl Hilal he really doesn’t dream of it: in the 24th minute the Madrilenos return to put three lengths between themselves and their opponents. The goal bears the signature of Viniciuswho first tries to lose opponents, then the ball reaches ceballos which serves the same Vinicius who bags the 5-2. Double for him too.


Vietto doesn’t fit, Al Hilal’s second goal: 4-2

The Saudis returned to shorten the distance in the 18th minute when Observanceat the end of a counter-attack, hits The moon with the shot underneath, 4-2. Assisted by Abdulhamid.


Double substitution for Ancelotti

Change Ancelotti: they go out Benzema e Tchouameni (the latter shortly before had remained on the ground following a tough contrast in midfield), inside ceballos e Rodrygo.


Valverde signs poker, 4-1

And now the Real goes on velvet, putting a good slice of the trophy in his pocket: indeed in the 13th minute Valverde poker signature and personal brace with a shot below that beats Al Mayouf on assist of carvajal: Real 4, Al Hilal 1.


Benzema drops the trio: 3-1 for Real

At 9′ of the second half the Real back to +2 onAl Hilal: compared to the first goal of the evening Vinicius e Benzema they exchange the roles of assist man and finisher with the Brazilian who cuts off the opponent’s defense with his winger by serving the Frenchman who pushes it in easy with the plate, 3-1 which arrives in a good moment for the Saudis.


Misunderstanding Kanno-Marega

Pass too long by Cannon per Winter: thus vanishes a potential great opportunity.


Marega protests for a touch of hand

Winter tries the cross and then protests for an alleged touch of the hand by Alaba: all regular for the referee Taylor.


Immediately Kroos, ball out

Il Real Madrid immediately collects the first chance of the second half of the game with a shot from outside the area by Kroos: the ball goes out just wide.


Shooting begins

They go back to the field as it starts to rain, Real Madrid e Al Hilal for the second half of the game: the first ball is touched by the blancos.


The first half ends

At the end of the two minutes of added time allowed, the referee Taylor sends the two teams into the locker room on a score of 2-1 in favor of Real.


Modric tries in the final

At 2′ of recovery Modric looks for the goal with a left foot from outside the area on an assist by Tchouameni: Al Mayouf for.


You enter recovery

The referee Taylor allows two minutes of recovery.


Real is back to try with Benzema

Al 41 ‘il Real returns to appear dangerously in the opponent’s area: cross from the right by Valverde, Benzema header doesn’t hit very well, the ball goes wide.


Marega looks for an encore

Al 36′ Winter he is also looking for his second personal goal, but his conclusion, on a through ball by Abdulhamidends ends at the side. Rudigerovertaken on the occasion by Marega, complains to his teammates about too many through balls that score.


Al Hilal shortens with Marega: 2-1

Here is the reaction ofAl Hilal after a start dominated by Real: in the 26th minute a sudden counter-attack, Cannon throw deep Winter which he receives on the edge of the offside and flies towards the goalkeeper The moonto then beat him face to face, 2-1.


Real monologue, Benzema also tries

Al 20′ Benzema goes in search of personal glory with a conclusion neutralized by the goalkeeper Al-Mayyouf.


Coup by Valverde, 2-0 for Real

Il Real starts pushing again, closes theAl Hilal in his own half and in the 18th minute he extends the distance: the doubling of the goal is his signature Valverdewith a first intention right foot shot from inside the opponent’s area, after the defense had tried to clear a cross from Modric2-0.


Al Hilal reacts with Vietto: narrowly out

The reply of the Saudis was immediate, who immediately after the disadvantage seek the way of equal with Observance: shot just wide following an assist by Cannon.


Vinicius puts Real ahead: 1-0

Al 13 ‘il Real Madrid take the lead: Benzema serves with a vertical through ball Vinicius who does not miss the opportunity and beats the goalkeeper Al-Mayyouf from close range with the inside right, 1-0.


Benzema: sensational mistake, but it was offside

Real Madrid which he tries to make himself dangerous with Benzema who spoils everything by making mistakes from a few steps, but everything was stopped for an offside on the launch of carvajalnothing done.


Early stages of the game

Il Real shows up with a hint of Valverde in the right lane, Saudi replica with Winter fished in an irregular position.


The final begins

Kick-off at the al Moulay Abdallah stadium in Rabat: the final between Real Madrid e Al HilalEuropean champions and Asian champions respectively.


The official formations

REAL MADRID (4-3-3): Lunin; Carvajal, Alaba, Rudiger, Camavinga; Modric, Tchouaméni, Kroos; Valverde, Benzema, Vinicius. All: Ancelotti.

AL HILAL (4-3-3): Al Mayouf; Saud, Jang, Al Boleahi, K.Al Dawsari; Cuellar, Kanno, Carrillo; S. Al Dawsari, Vietto, Marega. All: Diaz


The path

In the semifinals the Real Madrid has passed theAl-Ahly, Egyptian team, with the score 4-1. Scalp of prestige for theAl Hilal who in the semifinal beat the Flamengo (3-2). The Saudis will try to dispel the taboo that sees the trophy won so far only by teams from the European and South American federations. For its part, the Real he is in the fifth final of the Club World Cup and coach of the blancos Ancelotti goes in search of the third personal title.

Stadium Al Moulay Abdallah in Rabat

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