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Analysis: Butter Prices Drop as Food Prices Fall in Czech Republic

According to the analysis, a quarter kilo of butter cost an average of 65.30 a year ago, now in February it is 53.70 crowns. At the same time, promotional prices also fell. “Last year, since March of last year, they mostly stayed around forty crowns, although sometimes it was possible to come across a price of around thirty crowns,” said Kupi.cz analyst Monika Kopčilová. Between December and January, promotional prices fell by 11 percent.

On a month-on-month basis, butter prices rose slightly in February. But this does not apply to milk or sugar, where the decline was continuous, i.e. not only in comparison with last year, but also with the previous month. Sugar became cheaper year-on-year from 34.20 to 27.80. “Currently, it is possible to buy sugar without a special discount at the same price as it was in the sale a year ago,” said Kopčilová.

The average price of milk decreased from 23.50 to 19.80 CZK. Its promotional prices fell from 17.40 to 13.10 crowns.

More expensive alcohol

The Kupi data also confirms the January inflation data. According to them, food prices fell by an average of 3.9 percent year-on-year. “The prices of flour fell by 23.6 percent, meat by 6.6 percent, yogurt by 7.6 and cheese and cottage cheese by 9.7 percent,” the Czech Statistical Office said.

For example, a kilo of plain flour cost just over 16 crowns in January, while last year it was almost 22.20 crowns. A kilo of bread became cheaper from 44.50 to 42.90, ten blankets of ham salami from 18.40 to 15.80 CZK.

However, the price of alcohol, for example beer, increased by four percent on average. After rounding off, a dozen bottles cost 12.80 crowns instead of 12.40. The seven of red became cheaper from 86.20 to 84.70 CZK.

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