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Anabel Pantoja is moved by a gift from the Three Kings that she enjoys this weekend

Anabel Pantoja has posted some stories on her Instagram profile, very excited about the plan she is enjoying. The influencer announced to all her followers that today she was going to receive a gift from the Three Wise Men, but no one imagined what it could be about. Minutes later, with tears running down her face, she explained that she had been in the Whitney Houston musical: ‘Whitney Houston hologram Tour’.

The television collaborator arrived in Madrid a week ago and was reunited with her boyfriend, Yulen Pereira, after rumors of a sentimental crisis and this Sunday they did not hesitate to enjoy together this musical that Anabel has fallen in love with. First thing in the morning, the couple enjoyed a dream breakfast and later went to the show to experience a super special moment.

Anabel has confessed that “you can’t get an idea of ​​what I’ve been through in this 1’30h with her” since she felt that the singer “was here” and she didn’t hesitate to enjoy the show to the fullest: “I sang with her, I have cried, I have danced, I have fulfilled my dream of seeing her”.

After the show, Anabel assured that “I have recovered, but I have been crying for an hour and a half” because “it has been one of the best gifts that they have been able to give me” since “she has sung all the songs that I liked, it seems what’s here”. A gift from Kings that, although it has been waiting, has been worth it.

A few weeks ago, all the alarms went off in the relationship between Yulen and Anabel as a result of some stories that she posted on her Instagram profile, assuring that she was not feeling well, but despite this, she was going to continue smiling. Some rumors that were settled when we saw her land in the capital to reunite with her boy in the apartment they have bought together.

A few days in which they are making plans together and are savoring all the time they have to the maximum so as not to waste a single minute, since the influencer has had a lot of work in the Canary Islands and has been away for a few weeks. Now, it seems that the two of them are enjoying their free time and what better way than carrying out these fun plans that reflect the good time they are going through.


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