An engineering expert explains the reasons for the leaning of a hotel building in Mecca .. and reveals the possibilities of its collapse • Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Engineering expert Saud Al-Dalbhi explained the reasons for the leaning of a hotel building in Mecca and the possibilities of its collapse.

He said during his speech with the “Yahla” program: “The tilt may be due to two reasons. The first is the loss of groundwater under the foundations, but the architecture is still cohesive, which indicates that the collapse it wasn’t partial.” that there may be soil or an empty space between the two buildings difference in foundation.

He continued: I expect the differences in level and the void between the new and old architecture to be what has led to this inclination.

He added that we are against the removal process except after studying the cost of treatment and removal, indicating that the situation needs to be researched well and a decision should be made about treatment, if available, or removal.

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