América saves its injuries in the preparation game for the Liguilla against Atlante


With the idea that they arrive without physical complications to the Liguilla, the coaching staff decided to save Cáceres, Lainez and Sánchez.

The Eagles saved their injured against Atlante.
© America clubThe Eagles saved their injured against Atlante.

America is in full preparation for the League for the tournament title Scream Mexico Opening 2021 and takes care of all the details, from having the team in rhythm for his series of Quarter finalssuch as recovering injured players so they reach 100 percent physically for the big party.

With regard particularly to the issue of casualties in the Nest, Santiago Solari and his coaching staff made an important decision prior to the last of their friendly preparation matches heading to the final phase, which was against Atlas this tuesday night in the Aztec stadium.

Last Friday against Coyotes of TlaxcalaNone of the injured who are in recovery saw minutes and it was expected that given their advanced rehabilitation, today they would have a few minutes to pick up the rhythm of the game, but it was not like that. All those who are differentiated remained in this way before the Colts, so it will be until League when they play again.

Even in the case of Mauro Lainez, who already has a medical discharge, it was preferred to keep it for reasons of prevention and with the certainty that the most important thing will be that everyone arrives available for the first meeting of League still with rival and venue to be confirmed depending on the results of the repechage.

Thus, in Coapa They take their reserves with their injured players to avoid that any of them suffer as happened in the Selection of Peru with Pedro Aquino, who left the field with muscular discomfort precisely in the area where he had been affected three weeks ago.



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