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Amel Bent: Juggling Motherhood and Music Career

She considered stopping everything. While her last album is certified gold and she participates again in The Voice, Amelia Bent admit to having already thought of put an end to his career. And it was not on a whim that she thought of stopping, we explain.

Amel Bent mother of a fulfilled family

April is a symbolic month for Amelia Bent. Having given birth to her third child in April last year, the singer of My philosophy likes to show his happiness to his fans, who do not fail to tell him how much they love him. “You shower me with love and it means a lot to me. I like you a lot. »

Amel Bent also shared a moment of tenderness with the family. NOW mother of three children – she had already given birth to two daughters, Sofia (7 years old) and Hana (5 years old) – the singer revealed a rare glimpse of her new life in her Instagram story: her two eldest, seen from behind, in the process of walk their little brother in a stroller. « The greatest gift », she wrote in the caption, delighted. This moved its 890,000 subscribers.

She almost stopped everything

« What I lived with my children was so good, cool, serene, brilliant… I know that I live a wonderful job and that it is a luxury to live from your passion but it is a violent profession in many respects”, she explains. She therefore seems happy to be a singer and fulfilled by her profession, but also tired by certain aspects of the profession.

She loves the passion and bustle of the artist’s life, but she also seeks the calm of family life. “The life that could bore people, disappoint them, that life, I don’t know it. Living a simple life is something I didn’t know and I liked this routine. I asked myself questions.  » she says.

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She wants to be a good mom

“Returning to the life of a singer, I had to make choices. Not being able to put my daughter Sofia to bed at night, for example. I asked myself more questions than when I was single and childless. Now, looking back, I tell myself that I feed on my children but that music is also my life. » It is therefore this desire to spend time with his children that almost made him make the decision to leave everything.

She has Ultimately decided to continue, to the delight of his fans. ” I don’t want to be a bad mom and I don’t want to be a part-time singer either. I want to be a serene and present mother and an accomplished singer. It’s my goal« .

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