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AMD offers some great gameplay from Forspoken

Luminous Productions wants to make it the best looking open world game ever.

AMD has gradually started to launch FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) – a scaling technology that is their equivalent to Nvidia’s DLSS. As part of this, they have shown a number of games that will support the technology, and among them we find Forspoken, earlier Project Athia, from Luminous Productions.

In a video, we hear studio manager Takeshi Aramaki talk about the game and AMD’s technology, but above all see some new gameplay. He says that they aim to create the most beautiful graphics we have ever seen in an open world game and that the best possible experience requires 4K and high image updating. This is where FSR comes into the picture, as it allows one to render the game in a lower resolution and then scale it up, which gives a proper performance boost while giving image quality that in many cases comes very close to a higher native resolution.

The gameplay itself includes a lot of forest running as well as a bit of fighting with a L’oréal bear and a couple of giant monsters. The forest itself looks very foggy, so we can hope that it is something specific to this particular area rather than something used throughout the game to improve performance.

If you are interested in reading more about FidelityFX Super Resolution, Sweclockers should test be your next stop.

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