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Amber Heard gives unexpected speech after lawsuit Johnny De …

Now the closing arguments announce the end of the lawsuit between Piratesactor Johnny Depp and tabloid The Sun, actress Amber Heard gave an unexpected speech on Tuesday. Appearing as a witness in the lawsuit was “incredibly painful” for her and “I would rather not have been,” the actress said.

Depp filed a lawsuit against the British newspaper after it called him a “wifi beater” in 2018. According to him, it was just his ex-wife who dealt the blows in the short-lived marriage. During the high-profile process, the couple’s dirty laundry was hung out, not least by the former lovers themselves. During the closing plea of ​​Depp’s lawyer, he said again that it was not Depp who was violent, and he has always been open about his drinking and drug use, but that Heard plays down her part in the case.

Is this video proof that Amber Heard’s sister lied during a testimony at the Johnny Depp trial?

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