Amazing! This is what Nagita Slavina does if Raffi Ahmad is caught having an affair

Hops.ID – Inspirational couple Raffi Ahmad And Nagita Slavina who seem to become more and more harmonious in their family over the past eight years.

Manage a family for those eight years of marriage, home life Raffi Ahmad And Nagita Slavina also increasingly complete with their two children.

As is currently known Raffi Ahmad has two children who have not escaped public attention.

Rafathar Malik Ahmad and Rayyanza Malik Ahmad are the couple’s two children Raffi Ahmad And Nagita Slavina which caught the attention of the public for their adorable and beautiful looks.

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However, this couple who are both known to be indifferent actually also have their own uniqueness in expressing their love for each other.

Like recently when Raffi Ahmad And Nagita Slavina guest star in one of Sweet Daddy’s shows.

Nagita Slavina And Raffi Ahmad they seemed to express their love for each other because they had been through the ups and downs of the family.

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