Alzheimer’s test: 5 things you should be able to do at any age

Do not confuse names, routes and dates

Confusion of consciousness is one of the clear signs of Alzheimer’s disease, which makes it very difficult to live. For example, a person starts a sentence, diverts the conversation and forgets what he wanted to say.

“It happens to people of age, but usually they remember a little later what they wanted to say or they quickly orient themselves if they are reminded of what was discussed,” says MD, neurologist James Leverentz. “When my patients complain of memory impairment, I ask them if they can remember if they are given a hint. Usually. they say yes, then I immediately understand what is at stake. But if we are talking about dementia, the situation is so bad that a person is simply lost in ordinary life.

Orient yourself in time

Another common symptom is disorientation, the perception of time. For a person with Alzheimer’s disease, 5 minutes can feel like 5 hours and vice versa.

“A husband might think that his wife hasn’t been home for weeks, even though she left the house 2 minutes ago,” says neurologist, co-author of Alzheimer’s Action Plan: A Guide for the Family, Lisa Gwieter. – Or he will say that he has not seen his grandson for 5 years, although he visited him only the day before.

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