Also an act of charity

Biberach – After the corona-related failure of the blood donation ceremony last year, this year 41 people were honored for a total of 1835 blood donations as part of a small ceremony in the Gigelberghalle.

“It is only noticed when it is missing.” – With this campaign, the German Red Cross advertises nationwide for blood donations. Advertising that is urgently needed despite the traditionally high willingness to donate in Biberach, as Mayor Norbert Zeidler emphasized in his role as DRK local association chairman: “Only three percent of the population donate blood, although over 30 percent of all citizens could.”

Every day around 15,000 blood products are required across the country and blood cannot be produced artificially to this day. “For me, donating blood is also an act of charity – it is a nice feeling to know that you have helped another person in need by donating your own blood,” said Mayor Zeidler, who this year also donated 50 blood belonged to the honorees.

A total of five people for 100 and seven people for 75 blood donations were honored this year. Ten people have already donated blood 50 times, eight people 25 times. Eleven people were honored for ten blood donations.

The evening was musically framed by a trumpet trio from the Bruno Frey Music School.

The blood donors in detail:

  • 100: Peter Gaus, Gabriele Mader, Lutz Mauersberger, Angela Ortmann, Klaus Würstle
  • 75: Wolfgang Blum, Achim Brüchle, Martha Gierner, Bernd Hartmann, Eva Löffelhardt, Georg Richter, Wolfgang Weber
  • 50: Karin Aßfalg, Karin Föhr, Kathrin Fütterling, Ludmila Greiner, Sonja Müller, Helga Reiser, Paul Riek, Waltraud Riek, Rudolf Sommer, Norbert Zeidler
  • 25: Max Ehrhardt, Angelika Hofer, Gerold Kästle, Stefan Kohler, Birgit Kornaker, Andrea Ruf, Clemens Stegmiller, Ernst Weber
  • 10: Leonie Dachroth, Rico Ebert, Sabrina Gebert, Johanna Goller, Stefan Leidig, Rebekka Maigler, Eva Schmidberger, Manuel Schmidberger, Kathrin Weiler, Matthias Wetzel, Stefanie Würstle

The anniversaries who could not take part in the ceremony received their wine present and their certificate sent home.

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