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Alpine skiing: Yule: “I like it when the pressure is at its height” – News Sports: Winter sports

Daniel Yule, you imposed yourself in front of a mad crowd. How did you manage to resist this pressure?

I like this pressure. Already at Madonna, I was the leader after the first route and I started last. Between the heats, I told myself that we had to go all out to have no regrets. I’m so glad everything worked. I made a mistake before the final wall, I couldn’t believe it anymore, and then finally it was green. An incredible feeling.

You seemed as galvanized by expectations …

I was surprisingly relaxed between the two heats. I like it when everyone is looking at me, that the pressure is at its height. I knew it was all up to me, but I appreciate that.

You’re two straight World Cup victories. What has changed so that you can take this step?

Marcel’s retirement (note: Hirscher) help: it freed up a place on the podium! (Laughter) I have progressed steadily throughout my career, it is a natural outcome. It is also the result of all my work with my team, as with my equipment supplier, with whom we have completely redesigned my ski boot this summer. There, everything comes together, and it pays.

What to impose on you next Sunday in Wengen?

I have to keep working. In Adelboden, it is true that I particularly liked this snow, the conditions were ideal for me. But the other competitors are also hungry, it must not be forgotten. For now, I’m going to enjoy this win and think about Wengen next.

Your best result at Adelboden was eighth place so far. What was different this year?

In recent years, conditions have been difficult. There, the snow was hard, it responded underfoot, I like when it accelerates skiing like that. It allowed me to let go completely. Coming as a winner here also acted as a trigger, I knew I could do it. It was the first time that I had played as a favorite in Adelboden and I am very happy to have been able to respond.

A word about your teammates, especially Ramon Zenhäusern, who, diminished by an intestinal flu, finishes fourth?

If I’m at this level now, it’s also because we’re having a hard time training with all the members of the team. The emulation is truly incredible. Today (note: Sunday), I didn’t want to be beaten by others. This is something that motivates me. Whether racing or training.

Interview by Florian Müller, Adelboden

Created: 13.01.2020, 13h17


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