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Almere’s Electricity Grid Crisis: A Threat to Development

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In part of Almere, new homes cannot immediately get a new power connection because the electricity grid is full. This is according to the municipality of Almere, which received the news last week from grid operators Tennet and Liander. The municipality says it was surprised by the news. “If a solution is not found quickly, the development of Almere will come to a standstill.”

According to the municipality, the situation is more serious than reported. In October Tennet indicated that the power supply for new houses in eastern and southern Flevoland is in danger if no space has been created on the grid by the end of 2026. Last week it became clear that this immediately applies to Almere, according to the municipality.

“We are shocked and in disbelief,” said responsible councilor Alexander Sprong. “The city is disproportionately affected by this situation.” According to the councilor, the development of Almere will come to a standstill if the problem is not solved quickly.

“New companies or companies that move and have canceled their connection can no longer be connected to the electricity grid,” he says. “And now that housing construction is also affected, Almere has a very big problem.”

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The lack of space comes from three substations in the municipality. At a substation, high voltage is converted into voltage that can be supplied to households and companies. At one of the substations, which supplies voltage to homes in the southeast of Almere, there is no room at all for new connections, reports Broadcasting Flevoland . There is still very limited space available at the two other stations.

If the problem is not resolved, the issuance of land will have to be temporarily stopped until there is more clarity, the municipality warns. Making houses more sustainable is also becoming a lot more difficult. In addition, from now on all residential lots will include a disclaimer stating that the power grid is full for homes. This already happened for commercial lots.

Grid operator Tennet wants to expand the electricity network in the coming years. By replacing or installing four transformers in Lelystad, Breukelen, Dodewaard and Doetinchem, the manager hopes that the problem will be solved in the relevant provinces by 2029.

According to Alderman Sprong, measures are needed to bridge the period up to and including 2029 as best as possible. He refers, among other things, to the “unorthodox” measures that outgoing minister Jetten is considering, such as an obligation for companies to purchase less electricity during peak hours.

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