All residents of Wuhan must be coronated for new cases of infection

The city, which has 11 million inhabitants, is “quickly starting thorough” testing of “all inhabitants”, official Li Tao said at a press conference on Tuesday. The day before, seven new cases of infection were registered among working immigrants in the city.

It was in Wuhan that covid-19 was first discovered towards the end of 2019. That outbreak was put down with very strict measures.

In recent days, China has quarantined entire cities, closed public transport and launched mass testing, in an attempt to quell the country’s largest corona outbreak in several months.

A total of 61 cases of infection were registered on Tuesday. The delta variant of the virus has reached several cities after the infection spread among cleaning workers at an airport in Nanjing.

In several of the country’s major cities, including the capital Beijing, millions of Chinese have been tested, while housing has been blocked off and close contacts quarantined.



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