All performances at Folketeateret are postponed until 2022 – VG

There will be no more The Journey to the Poinsettia this year. Here, director Lars Jacobsen is depicted in the Folketeateret on 25 November last year.

As a result of new coronary restrictions, all performances at the Folketeateret will be postponed until 2022. It will affect the productions of Mamma Mia and The Journey to the Poinsettia.

– As a result of the new restrictions that were presented tonight by the government, we must unfortunately announce that planned performances at the Folketeateret are postponed until 2022. This will apply to the performances set up from the new measures take effect on Thursday 9 December and in four weeks ahead, the production company Scenekvelder informs Facebook.

Mamma Mia and The Journey to the Poinsettia are the only productions going on at the Folketeateret at the moment, shows the program on their website.

The government joined on Tuesday a number of new intervention measures to slow down the development of infection in Norway. The measures, which include a meter distance, number restrictions both in private homes and in public places, as well as stop drinking at midnight, will take effect on the night of Thursday 9 December.

The new restrictions will thus have consequences for all installations until 6 January.

The staged Mamma Mia performance on December 8, on the other hand, will go as planned with the prevailing infection control measures.

– In other words, tomorrow we will welcome you to this year’s last musical experience at the Folketeateret.

– We assure that we will find a new time for showing our performances. Everyone with tickets to MAMMA MIA! and Reisen til Julestjernen will shortly receive an e-mail from Folketeateret with practical information about new dates.

It is unclear whether it will have consequences for the staging of Svanesjøen, which according to the plan will start in the new year, but Scenekvelder states that they are ready to play for the audience again in the new year.


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