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All is not gold that shines! Horoscopes for February 24



This day is suitable for you to “reevaluate” a large amount of information in your head. It is possible that something will be superfluous, but in general it will not harm you.

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Rest your brain, don’t think about things you can’t solve today. Only tackle what you can’t put off for another day.



Focus on one activity today, because everything else you want to do at the same time will also be doomed to failure.


You should think about your goals today, because it is quite possible to achieve some of them. Moreover, in a very impressive short time!


You will be completely absorbed in your thoughts and actions, and you will not like it very much that someone disturbs you. And yet – be polite. If someone is really taking away your precious time, politely point it out, instead of rudely interrupting.


All is not gold that shines. But sometimes the challenge is so great, isn’t it? Today there is a possibility that you will not recognize this fake gold. Just be more careful.


You will have a very heightened intuition. Follow it because it won’t let you down! Both positive and not so positive findings are expected.


You will have a lot of energy and it will exceed your capabilities. You will have so many of them that you could produce electricity. And for someone it will thoroughly “get on your nerves” by the evening.


You can afford any risk today, because in most cases it will pay off. However, you have to be a little cautious – it is not too desirable to run headlong into the wall.


As you know, war is not an art, but war wise is an art. And your biggest problem in situations where you have to act is to act wisely, not immediately.


It will be difficult for you to spend this day in peace and quiet, because you will have an excellent mood and you will want to share it with those around you. Do it!



You will be accompanied by luck today, especially when you feel that it is right next to you – you will start to do more and more. On the other hand, if you’re lucky, don’t challenge fate by doing stupid things!


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