Alexa Dellanos and Myrka Dellanos: Beauties for double enjoyment

Usually the faithful admirers by Alexa Dellanos can appreciate her beauty alone, however, they already know how beautiful their mother is and sometimes they ask them to take pictures together and that is what happened last night.

It’s about a few stories that the famous presenter of Telemundo Dark Dellanos, who was hosting an event in which she attended with her daughter and of course they took advantage of it to spend quality time together.

However, the most attractive of all were the videos and the Photographs In which they appeared enjoying the moment, we present you the photograph that their audience liked the most and in which they appear more beautiful together so that you can enjoy this beautiful pair of beauties.

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In this snapshot we can see how at two beautiful models they showed off in front of a wall full of flores where all the participants of the event managed to be photographed, like them who could not miss the opportunity.

Not every day they go to events as elegant as this, so they also used their best dresses in the case of his mother wore a blue gala dress and Alexa for her part one of black color, both with some shocking curves that show how much they like to take care of their figure.

Of course, Internet users quickly Reacted and some shared a photo as well as we rescued it so that it can continue to enjoy even, since it disappears from the stories that last only 24 hours.

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There is no doubt that it was a pleasant surprise for the fans of Alexa Dellanos, since being able to see them this way is something that they have always been asking for, that please take more photos or videos together, because in duet they look even more beautiful.

For the fans, there is nothing better than when Alexa shares this type of content, in addition to the photos to which everyone is already accustomed, an influencer who has known how to continue in this medium and stand out among her peers.


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