Alessandro Di Battista smashes the 5 Star Movement, the: warning to the premier Earl, and lite with Beppe Grillo

At his first public appearance after a long silence, Alessandro Di Battista, in a stroke only ignites the internal dialectic of the Movement 5 Stars, to much a slam fulminant by Beppe Grillo and send a reassurance to the premier Giuseppe Conte as well, topped by but wait to say to the deputy secretary of the pd Andrea Orlando “it is as if he had said to the premier, you’re clear…”.

The urgent demand for

“I ask the first of a possible congress — explains early in the afternoon, the former deputy to Lucia Annunziata, the interview Half an hour more on Rai3 —. We also use this old word, or constituent assembly, or States general, the 5-Star Movement to build a political agenda and we will see who will win…”. Immediately comes the reaction, sarcastic how long, Beppe Grillo: “After the terrapiattisti and the gilet orange Pappalardo, I thought I had seen it all… but here is the constituent assembly of the souls of the Movement. There are people who have the sense of time like in the movie The groundhog day“. The call-and-response is unsettling. But the feedback of the Baptist explains why dance is not just the future of the M5S, but the seal of the same government.

The reference to the Ipsos survey

The former mp claims the need of a congress “because it is good that the Movement is faced with the task of the social unrest that is coming before that if they do it on those who have provoked it!”. It is an emphasis which, indirectly, calls those who sit in the executive to overcome the delays and inertia to respond concretely to the demands of citizens. The need for a new leadership of the M5S is intertwined with the role and the effectiveness of the action of the premier. Even more so now that it is enriched with the fascination evoked by the survey of the Courierof weight which would have an endowment at the summit of the M5S by Giuseppe Conte. Of the Baptist did not close the door, but indicates a condition: if the premier wants to be the leader of the M5S “you must register and apply for the congress”. And adds, venomous: “they Say that with him we will arrive at 30%? I would like to mention the polls that were on the Mountains. We are becoming a sondaggiocrazia”.

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The axis with the Pd and the agenda

The reviews on the Count and on the government to enter the full title in the internal dynamics of the Movement. The former deputy roman confirms that he did not want the axis with the Pd but also explains: “I don’t want to picconare none” (and here the comment is ironic in Orlando). Of the Baptist, however, does not skimp on critiques and comments sharp. He says he is “strongly opposed” to the sale of the vessels to Egypt and the stay of Claudio Descalzi, on the summit of Eni. Confirmation of the hostility to the renewal of the motorway concession to Atlantia. Reiterates no to the Esm and the Strait of messina Bridge. And it gives the executive a seer heavy: “When will the unemployment, this country will be worse in 2012.”

June 14, 2020 (edit 14 June 2020 | 23:09)


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