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Alert has expired. As of today, the mask is no longer mandatory, but it is recommended. The green certificate is no longer mandatory upon entering the country, on access to bars, shops. Complete list

Starting with Wednesday, at 00.00, the applicability of the Government Decision no. 171 of February 3, 2022 on extending the state of alert on the territory of Romania and establishing the measures to be applied during it to prevent and combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What restrictions have disappeared?

  • The obligation to present the green certificate when entering the country, for access to bars, shops, entertainment and cultural institutions disappears
  • The PLF Passenger Location Certificate will no longer be required
  • The mask will no longer be required in open or enclosed spaces, but will be recommended.
  • Shops and premises will operate without program restrictions
  • Private events in venues (weddings, baptisms, festive meals, etc.) will be allowed again, without program and capacity restrictions.
  • Telework will no longer be mandatory and the work schedule will no longer have to be postponed
  • The ban on holding and holding rallies, demonstrations, processions, concerts or other gatherings disappears

No restrictions, but with recommendations

The mask is no longer mandatory, but the authorities support it as a recommendation.

The authorities recommend the continued wearing of the face mask: “We continue to recommend wearing the face mask in crowded open spaces, for example in markets or in extremely crowded spaces, in public transport, in enclosed spaces, including toilets, kindergartens, schools, universities ”.

It is also recommended to avoid crowded spaces, hand washing and disinfection, disinfection of public transport and public interest units. It is good for people who will have symptoms to test themselves, to go to the family doctor, and if it is positive, to the evaluation centers.

“Basically, prudence and individual responsibility must be the main attributes of the next period,” Rafila said.

Other effects of alert expiration

  • Documents (for example: identity card, driving license) whose validity has been extended during the alert period, will expire after a period of 90 days from the end of the alert status.
  • 30 days after the end of the alert state, the civil and criminal proceedings will take place again according to the usual rules
  • the ban on disconnection from water, sewer and sanitation disappears
  • state employment competitions, suspended during the alert period, will be resumed
  • there will be no more units dedicated to patients with Covid

Why has Romania abruptly eliminated pandemic restrictions? Rafila’s answer

The Minister of Health, Alexandru Rafila, was asked on Tuesday why the restrictions were abruptly removed in Romania, not gradually.

“It is a question to which I do not have a very concrete answer, but you realize that I am also in solidarity with the decision of the Romanian Government not to extend this state of alert,” the minister replied.

Tuesday is the last day in which the state of alert is still in force in Romania. As of Thursday, the protective mask will be completely removed, there will be no limits on access to shops or public institutions, the location certificate or the green certificate will no longer be required.

However, authorities continue to recommend wearing a mask in crowded areas.

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