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Albrandswaards Dagblad | Almost all healthcare workers worry about corona

Healthcare workers worry “often and for a long time” about the possible consequences of Covid-19. Nine in ten (88 percent) suffer from this and without a good approach it can lead to massive emotional exhaustion and loss. The IZZ foundation warns against this, a collective that works on behalf of 417,000 people for healthy working conditions in healthcare.

The foundation draws these conclusions on the basis of an annual survey, the Healthy Working Monitor, conducted among 12,630 care workers working in various branches and professional groups. There is even talk of a “worry peak”.

The study shows that many healthcare workers worry about the measures their employer is taking to protect them, that they are afraid of becoming infected themselves (32 percent) and are even more afraid of infecting people in their environment (57 percent) .

More than 60 percent of healthcare workers believe that the employer is not taking sufficient measures to protect them against Covid-19. In nursing, care and mental health care, for example, four out of ten care workers worked unprotected. Anouk ten Arve of the IZZ foundation: “‘This is worrying because the employer plays a crucial role in the health and well-being of employees. It is all the more poignant that care employees mainly look to direct colleagues for support and appreciation. By the managers, management and the government they feel less supported. The government is even at the back of the queue. “

The government is called upon to invest in resilient healthcare workers. Among other things, there is a plea for a supplement to the 500 euro care bonus and a compensation for the deductible that care workers have to pay because they incur Covid-19 during their work.

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