Al-Khamisi’s meeting apologizes for the movie “For Girls Only” for this reason

I apologized The artist meet Elkhamisy About the movie “For Girls Only”, which was supposed to participate in the championship because of its association with a number of works, and it was written by Ayman Selim and directed by Sayed Al-Husseini. The starring artist, Gina Selim, Menna Jalal and Li Li Qasim.

She recently honored the Thursday meeting at the conclusion of the 68th session of the Catholic Center Film Festival, headed by Father Boutros Daniel, which was held in the Nile Hall of the Franciscan Fathers, and dedicated to the spirit of director Samir Seif, who presented many successful works in his artistic career.

The Festival of the Egyptian Catholic Center for Cinema in its 68th session, headed by Father Boutros Daniel, announced the five films that will be shown during the activities of this session, namely, “The Guest” by director Hadi Al-Bagouri, “Imobilia Crime” by Khaled Al-Hajar, “The Passage” by the director Sherif Arafa, “Anas Bin Tolba”, “Between Bahrain,” by Tamer Ezzat, “Lama Bentold”.

The members of the jury for this session are chaired by the scriptwriter Atef Beshay, and the membership of the artist Raghda, the artist Ahmed Badir, the artist Liqa Khamisi, the director Hani Lasheen, the Editor Dr. Ghada Jabara, the director of photography Sameh Salim, the musician Rajeh Dawoud, the critic Essam Zakaria.

Samir Seif is one of the most important directors of Egyptian cinema, who presented highly distinguished works with great stars, such as “The Suspicious”, by leader Adel Imam and Souad Hosni. After the great success of this film, he presented many important films to leader Adel Imam, including “The Tiger and the Female” and “Halfot” And “Watch Out for the Line” and “Shams Al-Zanati,” and he collaborated with the late big star Mahmoud Abdel Aziz in the movie “The Fun Market”, and with the late superstar Ahmed Zaki in the movie “His Excellency the Minister”, and he cooperated with the late big star Nour Al Sharif in my movie “A stranger in my house” and “Mushrooms”.


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