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Al-Ahly ends the registration procedures for electrification in the Football Association

Al-Ahly club officials are ending Sunday the procedures for enrolling Mahmoud Kahraba, the new team player in his local list, in order to be able to participate in today’s match against FC Egypt in the 12th week at Cairo Stadium.

Yesterday, the Football Association officials announced the arrival of the international card of the player Mahmoud Kahraba, the new Al-Ahly winger from the Portuguese club, To end the debate about this, To be officially registered in the Al-Ahly winter list today, Sunday, in order to be entitled to participate in the league matches, starting today’s match against Egypt Club in the 12th week.-

Al-Ahly also announced the arrival of the Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba card, the first team’s playmaker, to become eligible to participate with his team in the upcoming official matches, with the player wearing the 26th shirt with the red team.

Abdel Hafeez confirmed his full appreciation to Saad Samir, as he will be electrified in his stead, since Said Samir is one of the loyal sons of the club, and one of the main pillars of the team, who has spared no effort in serving Al-Ahly over the course of his career with the club.

Abdel-Hafeez was keen to make a phone call to Saad Samir before removing his name from the list, and assured him of the club’s appreciation for his efforts, discipline and distinctive behavior.

While the player’s response came more positively, stressing that he is under the club’s command at any time, confirming that he is not concerned with being on the list as much as he is interested in achieving all the tournaments, with which the team participates this season locally and in Africa, stressing that his association with the club is not contracts or the presence in the list.

The football director praised the club’s reaction to the player, and it is not surprising that Saad Samir, being one of the club’s sons, pointed out that the team is awaiting his return again after he has fully recovered from the injury, to participate in the matches for the coming period.

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