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AirPods: health features available within two years

THE AirPods are essential accessoriess for users ofiPhone. Even if the latter have no not especially of new software added After their launch, Apple envisage d’y introduce of the health features soon, more precisely in a year or two. THE listeners could so collect various auditory data.

The arrival of new AirPods is not expected in 2023. Indeed, a report from February predicted the launch of the AirPods Max 2 and affordable AirPods in 2024. However, Apple is not only thinking about bringing audio products to market. additional. Indeed, the software and hardware parts are preparing to drastically evolve in order to collect health data.

In his new newsletter Power On, Mark Gurman has indeed come to announce that Apple intends to “improve the AirPods to make it a health tool within a year or two”. Thus, the headphones will have “the possibility of obtaining auditory data in one way or another”, explains the journalist from Bloomberg.

Like the reminder MacRumorsThis isn’t the first time Apple has introduced hearing-focused features on the AirPods. Indeed, the American firm notably has theListen in real time or Conversation Boost during the last years. Mark Gurman points out, however, that these have not been approved by the FDA (American regulator) or designed to replace hearing aids.

We thus learn that Apple would aim for the AirPods to offer these aids in a “more official” way in the years to come. According to the journalist from Bloomberg, it would also take one to two years for the firm at the apple to achieve its ends. Of course, other health functions are also under development, but this time requiring hardware changes.

Indeed, it is important to remember that Apple has filed multiple patents aimed at enabling fitness tracking using its AirPods headphones. For this, biometric sensors would be integrated in order to detect various physiological measurements: temperature, heart rate, levels of perspiration… Motion sensors would also help with this, helping in passing to follow your posture.

For your information, rumors had long suggested that the AirPods Pro 2 would benefit from more health features, in particular thanks to the addition of heart rate and temperature sensors. Unfortunately, these novelties did not arrive. We will therefore have to wait for the next generations of Apple headphones to be entitled to it.

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