“AGT”: Simon Cowell calls musician Lavender Darcangelo a ‘superstar’ like Carrie Underwood

“AGT”: Simon Cowell calls musician Lavender Darcangelo a ‘superstar’ like Carrie Underwood

‘AGT’: Simon Cowell calls musician a ‘superstar’ like Carrie Underwood

“America’s Got Talent” moved to its live shows with a “star” country singer, Colombian dancers and a “Carrie Underwood” compliment from Simon Cowell.

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Win or lose, Lavender Darcangelo has made her mark on “America’s Got Talent” with her heart.

The soulful vocalist, who earned judge Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer earlier this season, moved Klum and judges Simon Cowell, Sofía Vergara and Howie Mandel during the finale performance round Tuesday night with her emotional rendition of “You Will Be Found” from the Broadway musical “Dear Evan Hansen.”

Talent aside, Mandel applauded Darcangelo – who is blind and autistic – for her resilience.

“You’re so much more than a contestant on this show,” Mandel said. “You just taught the world and yourself that happiness, success and just being productive in life is a choice, no matter what the barriers are.”

He added: “Our hearts are just bursting for everything you do, everything you say. You have to stay in everybody’s life.”

Klum echoed Mandel’s praise of Darcangelo. “I am so very proud of you,” she said. “No matter what happens tomorrow, you know that you’ll always have me – forever.”

Here’s what else went down on Tuesday’s episode.

Simon Cowell raves over ‘edgy’ text-to-speech comedian Ahren Belisle

Ahren Belisle has found the light in dark comedy.

Belisle charmed the judges with his signature self-deprecating humor. The comedian, who is mute due to having cerebral palsy, delivers his standup comedy with the assistance of the text-to-speech function on his phone.

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Belisle’s set featured biting jokes that poked fun at “AGT” contestant Murmuration, Mandel’s citizenship status and Belisle’s experience of dining out as a disabled person.

Thank you ‘AGT.’ This whole experience has left me speechless,” Belisle said ironically at the end of his performance.

“What I love about you Ahren is that there are times where we’re looking at each other going, ‘Did he just say that?’ ” Cowell said. “You’re so edgy and so funny, and that’s why you’re here.”

Klum said it was “an absolute privilege” to watch Belisle compete on the show.

Golden Buzzer singer Putri Ariani delivers ‘moving’ Elton John cover

Putri Ariani paid tribute to the “Rocket Man” himself, but she’s a shining star all on her own.

The Indonesian singer-songwriter, who won Cowell’s Golden Buzzer, made her bid for finale victory with a powerhouse rendition of Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.”

“It was such a moving performance. You could have not done it any better,” Klum said. “You sounded beautiful.”

Ariani, who is blind, also earned praise from Cowell for her exceptional combination of vocal talent and drive.

“You are one of those rare little diamonds we come across every few years who is naturally born to do this,” Cowell said. “You’ve overcome so much in your life to hopefully fulfill your dream on this show and, boy, after that do you deserve it.”

Howie Mandel dubs Murmuration act the ‘best performance’ of Season 18

Teamwork truly makes the dream work for Murmuration.

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The French dance troupe, which earned Mandel’s Golden Buzzer, stunned with an elegant performance that saw the group elevate its intricate arm choreography with graceful footwork and a fashion flourish of synchronized blue shirts. The group ended its performance by spelling out the question “Can you see we are all one?” with members’ arms.

The performance was a total game-changer for Cowell. “This is an act where in the future, when we are referring to perfection, we are going to be saying ‘Murmuration,’ ” he said.

For Mandel, the dance group’s act was “the best performance I have seen all season from any act.”

“This is so much more than a performance. This is a message,” Mandel said. “When you see the unity and the synchronicity and even the words spelled out that if we all work together, we are one and we can make beauty and we can make art and we can make peace.”

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