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After Trump rally, coronavirus cases soar in Oklahoma

Oklahoma, United States

The number of cases of covid-19 in Tulsa, Oklahoma (south), shot just over two weeks after President Donald Trump to hold a rally there of Bell, reported the local health authority on Wednesday.

After the number of cases decreased by 20% between the week of June 28 and July 4, the Department of Health of Tulsa It reported more than 200 new cases daily since Monday, peaking at 266 on Wednesday.

When asked if this explosion of cases responded to the act of Bell from June 20, the director of Health of TulsaBruce Dart said it was “more than likely” that it was linked to “several important events that took place just over two weeks ago.”

Thousands of supporters of the President participated in this rally, the first since the pandemic broke out, which took place in a closed stadium.

The event set off alarms before the stage of a crowded crowd without social distancing and reluctant to wear masks, like the president himself.

The organizers took the temperature on entering and distributed chinstraps, the use of which was not equally mandatory.

And the images showed an overwhelming majority of the public with their faces uncovered.

Several members of the Republican campaign team tested covid-19 positive before and after the rally in Tulsa, like several Secret Service agents, in charge of the president’s security.

Thousands of people had also participated in the celebrations of the “Juneteenth“from Tulsa the day before, commemorating the release of the last slaves in Texas in 1865.

Unlike the campaign event, almost all the participants in this open-air celebration wore masks and maintained the necessary social distancing, stated an AFP journalist.

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