After the tragic loss of a self – built house in a fire, the family asks for help from their fellow human beings In the spotlight

A diligent married couple from the Saulkrasti area spent a long time building with their own hands a private house worth 25,000 euros to fulfill the dream of living in the countryside, before the house was destroyed by flames, reports “Degpunkta”.

Velga and Mareks accumulated funds for years to build their first house. To save money, the couple did most of the construction themselves. After buying four hectares of land in a remote place in Liepupe parish, the spouses started working.

“We saw that beautiful wooden houses are being built in Canada and we thought that we also want such a house, a small one, but we want one. We laid the foundation in August 2019 and on May 1 of this year we started laying the masonry. We drove there after work, on vacation, we drove every lovely moment, ”says Velga, who lost her house, with tears in her eyes.

To protect the property, Marek had installed a security system. If the surveillance cameras recorded any atypical movement in the area, the man was notified on a mobile phone. One day, around At 11 pm, the phone began to beep.

“At first we didn’t pay attention, because every night a hare was running around the yard. Suddenly it seemed as if someone was dancing in front of the camera. When we opened, it was like a fog in front. We could not understand what the sensor was working on. When we turned on the sound, we realized that it was on, ”said Mareks.

The couple jumped in the car and drove to watch what was happening with the new building. When Velga saw the devastation, she could not control the tears. Despite the firefighters’ efforts, they quickly found a neighbor’s pond, added pipes and began to extinguish, leaving only a pile of ash left from the house. So far, there is only one version of the cause of the fire – probably linseed oil, which smeared the walls.

Oscar Osadchi, a manufacturer and seller of construction products, claims that the substance is indeed flammable and should be used with caution. True, there may also be no warning on the linseed oil packaging to warn about it.

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Oskars Osadčijs, the head of the company “Stafor”, points out that all designations are placed on any substances and chemical mixtures only if required by regulations. It is, in fact, a matter for the distributor to choose whether or not to produce. This was also the case for the products in question, which were impregnated with linseed oil, there was no indication that they were flammable.

The couple has not given up on the dream of a private home to spend their old age. The family asks the spectators for help in raising funds. Donation phones have been opened in cooperation with the organization “After the Fire”. One euro and fifty cents (1.50 euros) can be donated by calling 90203909. A larger amount – 4.27 cents – will be added to the Pokrovsk savings account by dialing 90006860.


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