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After the nude photo, the first decision was made by Hind Al-Hinnawi, Lina Al-Fishawi’s mother

Hind Al-Hinnawi, Lina’s mother, the daughter of the artist Ahmed Al-Fishawy, revealed through her personal account on the Instagram application, about any decision she will take in January 2020.

Hind Al-Hinnawi said, in her post, that she will delete my Facebook and Instagram accounts, because they are consuming a great deal of her energy, and she will keep my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for those who want to communicate with her, and comes after the uproar caused by her daughter Lina Ahmed Al-Fishawi, after publishing a half-nude photo of her.

Lina, the daughter of the artist Ahmed Al-Fishawi, shocked her father again, after the photo she posted on her personal account on the Instagram application, and she appeared almost naked, which sparked a great case of controversy around her.

And it appeared from the picture published by “Lina” that she is in Cairo during the current period, after a period of her inability to come to Egypt because of being prevented from traveling by a judicial ruling to her father, but after this ruling was canceled and the daughter was able to return to Cairo, she ignored her father’s visit to shock him once Others and the relationship gets worse.

The dispute between Lina, her mother, and Ahmed al-Fishawi ended with the court accepting the grievance of the family of the Caliph, submitted by Hind al-Hinnawi, the mother of Lina Ahmad al-Fishawi, on the decision to prevent her from traveling, and placed it on lists of waiting for arrival.

This decision came because the artist Ahmed al-Fishawi Lina’s father filed a lawsuit to prevent her from traveling before she traveled to England with her mother Hind Al-Hinnawi, to study in London and accused Ahmed Al-Fishawi and his wife of neglect in caring for their daughter.

Lina Al-Fishawy raised a state of controversy in the recent period, specifically after the departure of her grandfather, artist Farouk Al-Fishawy, and surprised her followers by changing her name on Instagram to Lina Farouk Al-Fishawy.

It turned out that Lina Al-Fishawi launched her account on “Instagram” in 2015, and her picture with her mother Hind Al-Hinnawi was the first picture she published via the account that she did not interact with much except for the last days that Lina became active on “Instagram”.

“Instagram” revealed an electronic boycott between Lina and her father, Ahmed Al-Fishawy, as neither of them was on the list of the other’s followers, although Lina was following a number of Egyptian artists from her father’s friends, and she spoke more than once in a video of her about her crisis with her father during the period The last time the court sentenced him to prison for failing to pay alimony.

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