After the floods. Marcelo praises resistance and writes down accounts for losses

“In order to see how progress is being made” in the recovery of lost assets, the Head of State maintained, “the damage needs to be surveyed”.

Surrounded by popular in the parish of Ereira, Marcelo spoke of “a complicated Christmas”, as public radio reporter Horácio Antunes noted.

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“But now the new year will be much better,” the President predicted, adding that he was “listening” and “there are ideas to solve what needs to be resolved”.

Marcelo wanted to praise the populations, mayors and the Civil Protection: “Even more impressive is the capacity shown by the mayors, the mayor, the parish councils, the mayors, the resilience of the people, the people, Civil Protection structure and the collaboration of the various institutions. ”

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“And then, just seeing is that you have the exact notion of what, on television, is already very impressive, but that is different when you see so many days after the water, the water level. Therefore, one wonders what was the concern and distress of people a week ago”He underlined.Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa traveled during the afternoon
this Saturday to the locals in Baixo Mondego, most affected by the floods,
which caused three deaths and left 144 people homeless.

Another of the messages left by the President of the Republic on this trip to localities of Baixo Mondego was that “there is something that needs to be done fast – and the Minister [do Ambiente e Ação Climática, João Matos Fernandes] said”.

Fast is two months, three months, because winter is still far from over, it has begun, and then there are others that need to be done with more time, the floodgates and other works that must be done.“, continued.

The President of the Republic insisted that he noted “a great will of the people”: “All the people, but here the people of Ereira are a very resistant people, very strong, with great love for the shirt, with great roots to the earth and that, in fact, fight, fight, fight and, as the president of the Parish Council said, is always available to go to fight ”.
“I’ll watch, I’ll see”

The visit of the President of the Republic to Montemor-o-Velho was agreed with the mayor, Emílio Torrão. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa was also accompanied by the Minister of Environment.“If the problem is bigger, the solutions are not
exactly the same as in the past, ”Marcelo told reporters in
Formoselha, municipality of Montemor-o-Velho.

Following the passage of the Elsa and Fabien depressions across mainland Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa published a note promising to travel to the region of Baixo Mondego, where two dikes collapsed.

“I will observe, I will see, and I will contact reality, as I promised, in due time, that the situation is stabilized and not during the critical period, exactly the same as I adopted in relation to the fires. I understand that I gain in understanding what happened and what is being thought, ”I would say on Christmas Eve.

The Elsa depression hit the country between December 18 and 20, followed by the Fabien depression on the 21st. Civil Protection recorded over 11,600 occurrences, mostly floods and tree falls. But there were also conditioned roads and railroads and power grid damage that affected thousands, right from the Center Region.

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