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After saying goodbye to a series, this Fürstenhof legend is celebrating a comeback

The ARD series “Storm of Love” is experiencing a blatant farewell boom. But now a sensation is emerging – a Fürstenhof darling is returning to Bichlheim.

  • Since September 2005 “storm of Love“To the afternoon program of the ARD.
  • Currently, some characters are leaving Fürstenhof the popular Soap.
  • A popular “storm of Love“Character with absolute cult status must return to the luxury hotel.

Munich – Had this for 15 years ARD-Production “Storm of Love” an essential part of German TV-Landscape. Monday to Friday at 3:10 p.m. Das Soap die-hard viewers fascinated. Intrigue, drama and love are part of everyday life FürstenhofMadness. While some characters have been busy with the soap since the first episode, some actors come in from the luxury hotel Bichlheim accepted.

To the chagrin of many fans, there was a real farewell tree for “Storm of Love “ given. But now there is finally reason to be happy again. Why? A Soap– Darling returns to the Fürstenhof back. nordbuzz.de has all the details.

First shipment: 26. September 2005
Sender: The first
With title: Stay
Number of episodes: 2.700
Authors: Bea Schmidt, Peter Süß, Björn Firnrohr, Claus Stirzenbecher, Carolin Draber, Annette Neeb, Günter Overmann

Sturm der Liebe (ARD): Farewell tree at the Fürstenhof – these figures leave the luxury hotel

15 years is a long time in which a lot can happen, especially one Soap. Since the beginning of the ARD-Soap “storm of Love“In September 2005 there were countless deaths, arrests, intrigues, weddings and births with which the die-hard people died Fürstenhof-Fans have acted. But for the past few weeks, it has almost seemed like the supporters were walking into the luxury hotel Bichlheim put to the test by the makers.

A “storm of Love– Continuation of the following farewell. First the favorite series Uta Kargel alias Eva Saalfeld said goodbye to the ARD production and left countless people behind Fürstenhof– fans are sad. Then it came to the lovable side of Bela Moser, played by Franz Xaver-Zeller. He just couldn’t stand the love drama about Lucy anymore and decided to start over. You absolutely cannot blame him.

Could “Storm of Love” veteran Alfons Sonnbichler soon be back at the Fürstenhof?

© Sven Hoppe / Bildallianz / dpa

As if that wasn’t enough, there was another “storm of Love“Goodbye. This Fürstenhof-Off was a particular problem for the fans. The Porter Alfons Sonnbichler And be Mrs. Hildegard were there from the start and said goodbye to their well-deserved retirement earlier than expected. Of course, the serial beast Ariane was to blame. Surprise!

Sturm der Liebe (ARD): big comeback on television – Alfons Sonnbichler and his wife Hildegard back at the Fürstenhof

Good news for everyone “storm of Love-Fans: Alfons Sonnbichler will the ARD-Serie don’t go away – at least for now. Actually, the characters got up completely Fürstenhof– Off, but an emergency compels them Soap– Old rocks to return to the luxury hotel in Bichlheim. At least that’s what she said ARDPreview – what a TV Hammer!

Ben Fürstenhof There was a classic car rally that many visitors should follow Bichlheim Shaves. But a disaster threw the plans of Robert Saalfeld & Co. During the automatic event, a breakdown occurred brand bin Fürstenhof from. Now you can guess who immediately came to the rescue of the luxury hotel team. Exactly, Alfons Sonnbichler And be Mrs. Hildegard.

No wonder The Sonnbichler couple with such a willingness to help the most popular “storm of Love“Ever heard of duos. The first lasted again Porter his job and, as so often, the hotel team out of trouble. If Alfons Sonnbichler could ever finally quit his job? Unlikely. All the better for us, because that’s how it stays with us ARD– –Veteran continue to receive.

Sturm der Liebe (ARD): Cult porter Alfons Sonnbichler remains Fürstenhof – but the bartender leaves forever

That is after a long time return good news for everyone “storm of Love“Fans. But the next farewell grenade follows closely behind. Bar manager Natascha Schweizer, played by Melanie Wiegmann, will the ARD-Telenovela leave. The rumor mill bubbled over the 47-year-old’s departure, but now there’s a sad certainty. But the return of a popular character almost makes up for saying goodbye to television: The beast “Storm of Love” Rosalie causes problems in the Fürstenhof.

On Instagram The Münster resident confirmed her departure from “Storm of Love” and announced that she is looking forward to new projects after eight years at the Fürstenhof. we press Melanie Wiegmann Thumbs up of course, but I still hope you will at some point Fürstenhof Just take a look.

Image header: © Sven Hoppe / Bildallianz / dpa

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