After her 3rd child, Vitaa confides in her postpartum

In mid-April, Vitaa announced the birth of her third child. After two boys, the 39-year-old singer gave birth to a baby girl, Noa. A birth which obviously fills the family with happiness but which does not prevent Slimane’s sidekick from remaining transparent about postpartum difficulties.

Monday, May 16, on Instagram, Vitaa confided in an open heart in a message. “Pregnancy then childbirth… Postpartum then breastfeeding… It’s not an easy period, those who have experienced it know it well…”, writes the singer in the caption of several photos. She also returned to the upheavals of her body after this third pregnancy : “ACCEPT, that it will take some time especially after the thirties to find his body before”.

Vitaa also wanted to talk about breastfeeding and its benefits: “BREASTFEEDING (even for a very short time) for me is essential for my child, and for me because I enjoy it so much I wouldn’t have I couldn’t deprive myself of it. Not to mention the benefits on the healing of the uterus and the fact that the stomach becomes almost flat again in 10 days…”.

“The main thing is to take the time”

Through these post-pregnancy shots, the happy mom spoke about her pregnancy pounds: “START AGAIN sleeping, moving and working because I’m soon back on the road and my tour so here I haven’t lost all of them yet. my pregnancy pounds (but already more than half) I wanted to share these post pregnancy photos and tell you that I feel good in my body despite my momentary curves that I try to assume even if I can’t wait to going back to sport my motivation will only be increased tenfold!!”.

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Vitaa ends her Instagram post with advice for all young mothers: “The main thing is to take the time to find each other and not to do violence to yourself, take it easy. Everything in its time”. The message got through.

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