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After GTA 6 trailer: Florida Joker demands money from Rockstar

The trailer for GTA 6, which was recently released under hype, referenced modern news reports and memes that were once blasted through the American media. Among these scenes was the fully tattooed face of a figure who was obviously from Lawrence “Florida Joker” Sullivan was inspired. Now Sullivan is demanding $2 million from Rockstar Games for allegedly using his face in GTA 6 without consent.

GTA 6: “Florida Joker” speaks out

Lawrence “Florida Joker” Sullivan is a former tattoo model who went viral in 2017 because a mugshot of him bore a resemblance to the comic and movie character Joker. After the release of the trailer for GTA 6, Sullivan took to social media to comment on the striking resemblance to the similarly heavily tattooed character from the trailer. Sullivan responded to the trailer on Tiktok, saying he believes a character “from [ihm] “was inspired,” adding that Rockstar should reach out to him to “talk.”

“Everyone says I’m hallucinating,” Sullivan explained in a new Tiktok video. “That I’m not the Joker from GTA 6. Not all of your nuggets are in the closet anymore.” And further: “We have to talk, GTA. We have to talk. Or not, you have to give me a million or two.” His statement: “Florida Joker will not allow this. You have taken my image, you have taken my life.” Sullivan is unlikely to have much success with his plan. The similarity is probably not enough.

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