After gender change, Joey (12) from Goes can now really call himself Joey

Joey Kusters was born as a girl, but when he was four he started acting like a boy. Joey’s transition to continue as a boy started three years ago. About 2.5 years ago, Nathasja tried to officially change Joey’s name through the court. She found out that it wasn’t so easy. According to the law, name changes are only allowed from the age of 16.


That’s why Nathasja didn’t expect it to work this time. “Joey first had to go to court himself,” she says. “After that I was called in too.” When they had both told their story, the judge immediately ruled: Joey could change his name. “At first he was very quiet,” says Nathasja. “Once he was outside, he immediately called all his friends and his grandfathers and grandmothers.”

Burden of the shoulders

The ruling puts an end to years of legal battles. “A weight has really been lifted off our shoulders,” says Nathasja. “We can finally put an end to it now.”

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