After Fischer show: Vortex around Gabalier

Dispute. 540,000 fans saw the Helene Fischer Christmas show on ORF on Wednesday. The appearance of Volks-Rock’n’Roller Andreas Gabalier (35) caused a lot of stir again. On the one hand, there are fans of the Schlager Queen, who criticize the Alpenelvis as homophobic, misogynistic and right-wing, on the other hand, the angry supporters of the singer.

Hate. An internet user even called for a boycott via Twitter: “To all democrats, non-racists, liberals; in short, to all the decent people who will be there tomorrow to record the #HeleneFischerShow in Düsseldorf: I invite you to leave the room with me in protest when Andreas Gabalier enters the stage. ”Nothing was to be seen, but in TV are cut out passages again and again – and that makes the Gabalier fans angry. Because: A scene in which the singer gives flowers to Helene Fischer and sends warm words to them was not broadcast by ZDF.

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