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After accidental death of a 12-year-old boy: motorcyclist in Berlin fined 4,200 euros – Berlin

A motorcyclist has been sentenced to a fine of 4,200 euros after the accidental death of a twelve-year-old pedestrian. As a result of negligence, the 31-year-old captured the boy who ran into the street at a red pedestrian light, the Berlin-Tiergarten district court justified on Tuesday.

During the events in the Lichtenberg district, the defendant exceeded the maximum speed limit of 50 km / h by around 10 km / h and was 0.3 seconds earlier at the collision site. “It was a very short moment,” said the judge.

The twelve-year-old wanted to cross Landsberger Allee with a friend on the afternoon of June 30, 2018 when he was hit by a motorcycle and thrown through the air for meters.

The driver explained in the process that he could not remember the exact procedure. “I’m so sorry for what happened,” said the man with no criminal record. Every day he thinks of the dramatic incident and is still under heavy psychological stress.

The boy, who, according to the prosecutor, had a “high degree of complicity” in the accident situation, was seriously injured. He fell into a vegetative state and finally died in August 2019 of complications from pneumonia, the prosecution said.

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The public prosecutor’s office had also accused the motorcyclist of “snaking through” the vehicles in front of him shortly before the accident “with the engine roaring” and thus also being guilty of endangering road traffic. The verdict stated that this allegation had not been confirmed.

The court thus followed the defense counsel’s request and imposed a penalty of 70 daily rates of 60 euros each. The prosecutor had asked for 120 daily rates of 60 euros (7200 euros) each. The verdict is not yet legally binding. (dpa)

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