After a three-year break, Latvian Metal Music of the Year awards have been presented

On Saturday, March 11, after a three-year break, the Latvian Metal Music of the Year awards were presented. The best records of 2020, 2021 and 2022, as well as the debutants of the past year, were determined.

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According to “Delfi”, the organizers of the event, taking into account the music harvest accumulated over three years, five finalists for each of the years under review were created before the public vote was announced. In total, the number of unique voters, each of whom could vote once from the device, approached two and a half thousand.

As a result, the album “The Loremaster” of the band “Ryvendir” from Liepaja was crowned as the best record of 2022, the album of the year 2021 was “Gaismogs” by “Deodium”, while the title of the best record of 2020 was given to the mini-album “Self- Destruct. Survive. Thrive!”.
The best debutants were recognized as the trio “Izzlijejs”.

The Metal Music of the Year Award has been presented since 2009, it is organized by the creative team of the “Black Friday” club and the “Zobens und Lemess” festival, which has been active in the field of metal music for almost thirty years. This year, in addition to the laureates “Deodium” and “Izzlijitės”, the nominees “Saturn’s Husk” and “Darrva” also performed at the award ceremony.

Nominees and recipients of the Latvian Metal Music of the Year Award.

“Best Record of 2020” category:

“Māra” – “Self-destruct. Survive. Thrive!”;

“Catalepsia”– “Inheritance”;
“Frailty” – “Dark waters”;
“Oghre” – “Ugly”;
“Saturn’s Husk” – “The Conduit”

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“Best Record of 2021” category:

“Deodium” – “Gaismogs”;

“Eater” – “Addictions/First Love”;
“Bong Nagar” – “0:00:01”;
“Everlust” – “Diary of Existence”;
“Mindesign” – “Swallowed”.

Best Entry of 2022 Category:

“Ryvendir” – “The Loremaster”;

“Anthia” – “Gaslighter”;
“Darrva” – “HIGH”;
“Irons Wings”– “Ritual of Rage”;
“Morphide” – “Anhedonia”.

Best Debut of 2022 Category:

“Shutdown” – “Wolf”;

“The cellar of spirits” – “That’s how a person lives”;
“Jar of Kings” – “Momentum”;
“Morphide” – “Anhedonia”;
“Quickstrike” – “None of a Kind”.

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