Advice to the cabinet: extend corona measures until the end of April, limit tourism in your own country

The Outbreak Management Team (OMT), consisting of healthcare experts such as medical specialists and RIVM, came together today to advise the cabinet.

Press conference

The ministerial crisis committee will discuss the measures tomorrow. Then Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge will give a press conference. The measures will be announced at a special press conference. You can follow it live tomorrow at 7:00 PM on RTL 4 and our website.

Extend measures

The Hague insiders report that the OMT team advises the cabinet to extend the package of measures that would originally last until April 6, until the end of April / early May. It is certain that the cabinet is going for an extension, insiders reported. The corona crisis is far from over and measures are still needed to limit the number of infections.

Tomorrow the cabinet plans to come up with a concrete date. If the cabinet does indeed opt for the end of April / early May, the question is how to deal with the May holiday.

Advice: stop domestic holidays

According to insiders, the OMT also advises the cabinet to look at a possible new measure: to stop domestic holiday movements. Tourism in your own country, such as to a campsite or hotel, is now not prohibited. In an emergency ordinance, mayors do have the option of closing campsites.

But according to insiders, it has not yet been determined exactly what falls under ‘domestic holidays’. It is difficult to say that closing all campsites just like that, because there are also parks that are permanently inhabited. Some regions have already taken the step themselves.

The rules for tourists have also been tightened in the province of Zeeland. Recreation parks, camping sites, hotels, bed and breakfasts and marinas are closed. All non-Zeelanders are no longer allowed to spend the night in the province. This is because the capacity in healthcare is too limited and to prevent itinerant tourists from spreading the virus further.

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