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The fact that fans of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” come to the cinema screening dressed like the actors of the film is nothing special and is fun. Some visitors to the film “Il Comandante,” which was released in Italian cinemas this fall, were also strangely dressed this week.

The film takes place in World War II. “The commander” of an Italian submarine is attacked by opponents in 1940, destroys their boat but saves the crew, for which he is celebrated as a hero. In 1942 he died in a hail of bullets from English machine guns. Some people in Nazi uniforms came to the film screening in Spilimbergo, west of San Daniele in Friuli. They sat in the front row. The photos taken there ended up on the Internet.

The incident is now causing political headaches throughout Italy. The disguised film fans were political representatives of the “Fratelli d’Italia” party, which was founded by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, among others. According to the Italian news agency Ansa, it was one of the politicians who proudly posted the photo. The broadcast of the film was organized by the association “Il Circolo” (“The Circle”), under the patronage of the politically right-wing municipality of Spilimbergo, which is part of the politically right-wing district of Pordenone, according to “Ansa”.

The incident in the cinema was reported in order to clarify to what extent it was a criminal offence. According to the Italian state radio station Rai Friaul, the politicians dressed in uniform justified themselves by saying that it was an appearance in a historical context. They also invited someone in a partisan uniform. However, this person did not appear.

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