ADVANC hey! Anuya To lift the petition “CAT” dispute the delivery of telecommunication equipment

Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited or ADVANC Stating that according to CAT Telecom Company Limited (CAT) has submitted a dispute to the Arbitration Institute, Dispute Resolution Office. The Office of the Court of Justice on January 31, 2018, referring to the agreement for operating cellular radio telecommunication services between CAT and Digital Phone Company Limited (DPC), a subsidiary of ADVANC, which at present the agreement has expired. Got down

CAT calls for DPC to deliver equipment and telecommunication equipment including 4,657 telecommunication towers, 3,012 containers and power supply units. Call Center system that DPC asks to be used with AIS, worth 13,431 million baht and the cost of business opportunities continued from the date of submission of a further proposal of 116 million baht per month with interest. 7.5 per year

Recently, DPC received an award from the arbitral tribunal. As a result, DPC does not have to deliver the equipment and pay the opportunity and interest as requested by CAT. In this regard, CAT can file a request for revocation of the award of the Faculty. Can arbitrate with the Central Administrative Court within 90 days if there is any significant progress in this case. The company will inform you in the future.

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