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Adu Jeeweetham: K.R. Gokul Opens Up About Struggles For Aadujeevitham Makeover

Adu Jeeweetham was the film that all the Malayalees were waiting for. Goat Life is a film adaptation by director Blessy based on Benjamin’s novel Goat Life.

The film has been getting a great response in theaters. Prithviraj’s career best performance as Najeeb is in Aadujeetu.

Like Prithvi, KR Gokul is an actor who has done a remarkable makeover in the film. This young actor has done the best Hakeem, who remains a novel even today among all those who have read the novel. Gokul, who has acted as a child actor in the past, has definitely proved that he is an asset to Malayalam cinema with just one film.

Gokul says that during the transformation for the film, his mother used to call Blessi and get angry. Gokul says that it was a time when there was a lot of difficulty mentally and physically. The actor was talking to The Fourth.

‘Mother called Blessi sir and said bad things, saying that my mon is not eating anything. Mother has spoken in that way. Then Blessy sir will pacify. Blessy sir will say that it is not for a good cause.

When getting up from a sitting position, the pressure was falling. There will be bad mood swings at that time. No energy at all. We don’t care about anything. We need to do mental work, but we don’t need food. Couldn’t focus on one thing for more than ten seconds. It was such a time. Gokul says, “I went ahead with the hope that all this is for a good cause.”

Meanwhile, Goat Life is getting rave reviews from all quarters. After sixteen years of hard work, Blessi is bringing Adujievt to the theater. Prithviraj’s transformation for the film garnered a lot of attention.

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