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Adler soaring high: Derby victory in Rostock | News

Of course they are disappointed in Rostock after another defeat, but the team continued to improve their form. She still lacks the luck and security in some phases of the game to win such tight games.

The HCE got into the game well and led the entire first half until Potsdam equalized with a 7m in the last second. That was a bit typical, Empor fought, played at high speed, had counter goals again, all 7m were converted by Janos Steidtmann and then slight ball losses, technical errors. Potsdam used this to equalize a two-time 3-goal deficit. In addition, Dennis Mehler, an important support, was lost at short notice and Jonas Thümmler was injured early on. Christian Wilhelm was the only circle player, but did well in front and behind.

At the beginning of the second half, Potsdam took the lead for the first time. But the HCE didn’t give up, fought and stayed within striking distance. Nick Witte finally equalized after around 38 minutes, but Bob Hanning’s team kept their heads up and kept going forward. The Rostockers were unlucky with several rebounds, most of which landed on the opponent and led to a goal. After 55:41, Christian Wilhelm scored the goal to make it 28:29. The crowd in the hall gave it their all, Leon Mehler offered another save to equalize, but just like in Lübbecke, the forces ran out, Empor had nothing to worry about.


HC Empor Rostock: Mehler (9 saves), Wetzel (2 saves) – Witte (7), Steidtmann (6/3), Wilhelm (5), Asmussen (3), Völzke (2), Pechstein (2), Sveinsson (2), Lößner (1)

1. VfL Potsdam: Ludwig (8 saves), Ferjan, Voncina – Roosna (7/5), Benecke (6), Kaludjerovic (4), Sauter (3), Simic (3), Hansson (3), Akakpo (3), Fuhrmann (2 )

Those: HC Empor Rostock / Photo: HC Empor Rostock


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