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Acute Hepatitis Adenovirus Is Different From The Covid-19 Vaccine

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Case hepatitis mysterious acute has entered Indonesia.

There are 15 people who have contracted this disease since April 27. The patient is also said to continue to experience additions.

Not a few people associate acute hepatitis that attacks children from the age of zero to their teens with the Covid-19 vaccine. The reason is because there are allegations of adenovirus as the cause of mysterious acute hepatitis, while some Covid-19 vaccines are also derived from adenovirus.

The Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) later denied this. Head of the IDAI Tropical Infection coordination work unit, Anggraini Alam, said that the adenovirus in the Covid-19 vaccine and the adenovirus that is suspected to be the trigger for mysterious acute hepatitis is of different types.

Adenovirus strain 41 which is suspected to be the trigger for acute hepatitis is not the type of adenovirus that is in the Covid-19 vaccine that has been injected into the community.

“The adenovirus in Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca in these vaccines is of a different type. It’s true that it’s adenovirus, but not 41. Therefore, it has been concluded that hepatitis has nothing to do with the COVID-19 vaccine,” Anggraini said in a webinar held by IDAI. with the theme of Diseases to Watch Out for After Lebaran, Tuesday (10/5).

On that occasion, Anggraini also emphasized that the Covid-19 vaccine had nothing to do with the recent emergence of acute hepatitis. Moreover, on average, patients who are detected as exposed to acute hepatitis are children who have never received the Covid-19 vaccine.

“None of the children were infected with Covid-19, and in the UK 75 percent of those who were sick were children under five who did not get the Covid-19 vaccine,” he said.


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